Banana Protein Muffins


We always end up with extra fruit at our house– especially bananas.  Between the two of us, we probably eat about ten a week (crazy, right?!) so I always buy more than we need.  Typically, I use leftovers in protein pancakes on Sundays, but I found myself with a few leftovers from the previous week… and they were getting preeeeeetty brown.  Instead of doing banana bread, I decided to do something a little different!

These banana protein muffins make a great snack on-the-go (and what prego doesn’t need a few snacks in the car!) or a nice pick-me-up for before/after workouts.


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How swimming is saving my sanity

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I cannot even imagine what my life would be like without my father-in-law’s pool.

I am very fortunate to have access to this beautiful in ground pool all summer long.  Between the summer heat, constant hot flashes and feeling approximately the same size as a baby hippo, the water is just what I need for a day of relaxation.  With both kids grown and out of the house– and grandkids only over on weekends– I’ve had the great fortune of having this beautiful space all to myself for most of the summer (so far, at least).11181191_10101749941724712_6993357866933344225_n

As you can imagine, finding a great swimming workout was a must.

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Dear Coach Wachtel: I am sorry.

I never had asthma.

I knew so many kids in school who had asthma attacks.  They would stop suddenly while running in gym class, eyes wide, mouth open.  They would suck and gasp for air.  An adult would run over and promptly give them a small inhaler and everything would be fine in moments.  It was rare that an asthma attack was severe enough to warrant a visit to the nurse’s office and I certainly never observed any “worst case scenario” situations while in school.

It looked awful.  The poor kids who wanted so badly to play badminton, kickball, or even just go for a jog outside had to be constantly monitored by an adult.  On particularly humid (or pollen-filled) afternoons, the Guilderland High School track saw its fair share of a child, doubled over, trying to regain his breath.

The same thing happened to me.  I would run, play a sport or even climb the bleachers.  Suddenly, I had to stop.  Doubled over, I gasped for air.  Adults would run to me, frantic, asking me about my inhaler.

But I never had asthma.  I was just an overweight kid.

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Dr. Maya Angelou has died

Donny and I celebrated our second anniversary yesterday (more on that later).  During our wedding ceremony on May 27, 2012, a friend read this poem by Dr. Angelou.  It has always been one of my favorites.

The sun has come.
The mists have gone.
We see in the distance…
our long way home.
I was always yours to have;
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out of time.
When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun
and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor
I had always loved you more.
You freed your braids…
gave your hair to the breeze.
It hummed like a hive of honey bees.
I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there….
Mmmm…God, how I loved your hair.
You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance.
Lost, injured, hurt by chance.
I screamed to the heavens…
loudly screamed…
Trying to change our nightmares into dreams…
The sun has come.
The mists have gone.
We see in the distance our long way home.
I was always yours to have
and you were always mine.
We’ve loved each other
in and out
in and out
in and out of time.

I’m that annoying girl with the hot pink Blackberry. And I’m taking your job.

By:  Crista Leigh Wunsch

Via Google

I’m positive that I look pretty funny to the causal onlooker—Blackberry in hand, thumbs moving faster than the speed of light, trying to keep my quips and qualms to 140 characters or less.  To tell you the truth, sometimes I’m amazed that the friction my thumbs create while feverishly poking the tiny buttons on my Smartphone doesn’t cause my hand to spontaneously combust.  You may laugh as I squint at the text from my 4×4 screen, but get this—I am saving my company thousands of dollars a year.

Oh, and I’m taking your job.

You see, I’m the future of public relations.  I’m a 20- something who grew up with a computer mouse in hand, while you were trying feebly to change the ribbon on your typewriter.  While you talk on the phone with one person, I’ve already told 15 co-workers about the new deadline via text.  As you feverishly scribble notes to remember what others say, I’m recording the seminar on my IPod, and I’ll listen to it instantly on the way home using the hook-up in my car.  While you’re e-mailing, I’m GoogleDocing.  While you’re uploading, I’m Bluetooth transferring.  While you’re face-timing, I’m Skyping.  Yes, I’m the future.

And the future is now.

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All publicity is good publicity


Thank you to the Albany Business Review for featuring me in their Spotlight section!  This is the third time that I have appeared in this section of the paper (earlier articles can be found here and here).  Special thanks to Brian Bushner!

Luke Arduini is missing

Luke is a native of Selkirk (Albany), NY who disappeared from the Oakland/San Francisco area of California.  If you have seen him please call the police.  You can also email me at



Shoppers call for boycott of Forever 21


Forever 21 is coming under fire after a letter sent to employees was leaked online.  The

letter states that Forever 21 is demoting a number of full-time, non-management employees to part-time positions.  Those positions include stock associates, sales associates, cashiers and others.  The letter states that the demoted employees will no longer receive health benefits and that their regular schedule will not exceed 29.5 hours per week.  This has caused a social media uproar, with thousands calling for a boycott of the store.  Forever 21 released a statement via Facebook saying the realignment is in no way related to the Affordable Care Act.  Forever 21 operates 480 stores nationwide, including one location in Crossgates Mall.

This post originally appeared on the Capital Region Newsroom website.

Wake up call: More missing kids could be out there

via CNN

via CNN

While waiting in line to grab dinner at McDonald’s yesterday, it’s safe to say that Charles Ramsey would not know that he would become a recognized hero before he had a chance to eat the stray fries at the bottom of the bag.  After hearing a woman’s screams, Ramsey kicked in the door of a house in Cleveland, where three young women had been held against their will for over a decade.  Believed to be dead by many, the story serves to demonstrate that countless kidnapping victims could still be alive.

Sara Anne Wood has never been found

Sara Anne Wood has never been found

Please take a moment to remind people around you that there are several unsolved, missing persons cases right here– in the Capital Region.  Much like the young women in Ohio, Suzanne Lyall, Sara Anne Wood, Craig Frear and others have been missing for over a decade.  The case in Ohio gives us hope that there is a possibility– although ever-so-slight– that these people might be found alive.

Please click here for more information on missing persons in the Capital Region.

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