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Luke Arduini is missing

Luke is a native of Selkirk (Albany), NY who disappeared from the Oakland/San Francisco area of California.  If you have seen him please call the police.  You can also email me at



Shoppers call for boycott of Forever 21


Forever 21 is coming under fire after a letter sent to employees was leaked online.  The

letter states that Forever 21 is demoting a number of full-time, non-management employees to part-time positions.  Those positions include stock associates, sales associates, cashiers and others.  The letter states that the demoted employees will no longer receive health benefits and that their regular schedule will not exceed 29.5 hours per week.  This has caused a social media uproar, with thousands calling for a boycott of the store.  Forever 21 released a statement via Facebook saying the realignment is in no way related to the Affordable Care Act.  Forever 21 operates 480 stores nationwide, including one location in Crossgates Mall.

This post originally appeared on the Capital Region Newsroom website.

Wake up call: More missing kids could be out there

via CNN

via CNN

While waiting in line to grab dinner at McDonald’s yesterday, it’s safe to say that Charles Ramsey would not know that he would become a recognized hero before he had a chance to eat the stray fries at the bottom of the bag.  After hearing a woman’s screams, Ramsey kicked in the door of a house in Cleveland, where three young women had been held against their will for over a decade.  Believed to be dead by many, the story serves to demonstrate that countless kidnapping victims could still be alive.

Sara Anne Wood has never been found

Sara Anne Wood has never been found

Please take a moment to remind people around you that there are several unsolved, missing persons cases right here– in the Capital Region.  Much like the young women in Ohio, Suzanne Lyall, Sara Anne Wood, Craig Frear and others have been missing for over a decade.  The case in Ohio gives us hope that there is a possibility– although ever-so-slight– that these people might be found alive.

Please click here for more information on missing persons in the Capital Region.

Note:  This entry was also posted to the Capital Region Newsroom blog.

New Audio from Occupy Albany Eviction

As promised, here is the audio from my live reports during the Occupy Albany Eviction on December 22, 2011.  This audio aired on the Al Roney Show on Talk 1300.

The entire Al Roney Show can be heard on the Talk 1300 website.

Occupy Albany Eviction

On December 22, my news supervisor at Talk 1300 gave me an interesting assignment:  To go to Academy Park and report live from the site of the impending Occupy Albany eviction.

This post will serve as a placeholder for on-going updates on this story.

I have plenty of photos and video that will be added to this post over the weekend.  Stay tuned!


Occupy moves to the other side of the street

When I walked up to the site of the Occupy Albany encampment, I quickly noticed that many of the protesters had begun moving their belongings to the sidewalk across the street from Academy Park.  After a few moments, many of them began setting up their signs and sitting in chairs, seemingly wishing to continue their message from the public portion of the street.


I guess you never quite get used to living down the block from a potential axe murderer.



The three of them– Matt, Andrew and Mr. Mahony– and myself stood in Beff’s in Delmar, NY. It was a warm spring day in 2006 so we had decided to run over and grab a burger, some fries and a beer or two. It’s always fun drinking with your childhood friends’ parents– don’t let anyone tell you any different.



Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother forty whacks.

When she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one.



As he finished, he must have noticed Matt’s smile.


With his head, Matt gestured at the door.


There stood Christopher Porco. It couldn’t have been written into a script better than that.




I knew Chris in high school, but only vaguely and mostly through friends. He wasn’t really a memorable guy, just sort of hung around with people. He was on the swim team and I think may have ran track for a bit, but he didn’t have one of those names that was immediately recognizable like the well-known “jocks” of the school. Anyone who was a casual acquaintance of Chris’ will use the same words to describe him: “quiet”, “nice”, “a little weird”. I’d let you know what his friends though, but not many are so willing to admit being close to Bethlehem’s Most Wanted. A guy who would not have otherwise attained any sort of notoriety– or really ever been remembered– now even has his very own Wikipedia page.