About Crista Leigh

I always remember people telling me to choose one thing and stick with it.

Clearly, I cannot do that.

I’m a lover of many things, but I am passionate about a few.  Radio is my first love, and with that, the art of broadcasting.  I have a deep appreciation for all music (yes, even polka) and grew up on a steady diet of punk rock and gospel (thanks, Dad).  Combining my love of radio and music– and to live it every day– has been a dream-come-true, and I consider myself lucky to continue to work in the industry that gives me so much joy.

Journalism ties with radio.  In fact, I never quite understood the term “recovering journalist” until I was out of the industry for two weeks.  I won’t go into too much detail, but it involved me phoning in news tips to media outlets on a daily basis.

Over the past few years, I have become deeply interested in crisis communications– specifically, entertainment venues and companies.  Ideally, I would like to start my own business, acting as a consultant for a venue, or an entertainment or broadcast company.

With a drive and passion that puts seasoned veterans to shame, I am always looking to take on another project (because who needs to sleep?).  You may contact me at cristaleigh@gmail.com with proposals.


My broadcast journalism biography from the Capital Region Newsroom site:

Crista Leigh joined Albany Broadcasting Company in August 2012.  Prior to that, she worked as a news reporter and producer for Talk 1300 AM, where her coverage of the Occupy Albany eviction gained local and national attention.  As “The Rock Goddess” on WQBK-FM, Crista reported music news each morning during the station’s nationally syndicated show, and was frequently seen introducing a variety of concerts and events.

Before landing in news, Crista worked in many other capacities.  She worked simultaneously as host of “Download” on WEQX-FM and Promotions Manager of Northern Lights in Clifton Park.  Her career in broadcasting started at UAlbany campus radio station WCDB-FM, where she held positions like Events Director, Metal Director, and Local Music Director.

Crista holds a masters degree in communications from the College of Saint Rose and a bachelor of arts in journalism degree from the University at Albany.  In her spare time, she enjoys attending concerts, collecting (and reading!) textbooks, and spending an obscene amount of time editing audio.


Fun fact:  When my friends and I were growing up, many of them had normal, attainable career goals.  They wanted to be doctors, firefighters, police officers…

I wanted to be Miss America.

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