Wake up call: More missing kids could be out there

via CNN

via CNN

While waiting in line to grab dinner at McDonald’s yesterday, it’s safe to say that Charles Ramsey would not know that he would become a recognized hero before he had a chance to eat the stray fries at the bottom of the bag.  After hearing a woman’s screams, Ramsey kicked in the door of a house in Cleveland, where three young women had been held against their will for over a decade.  Believed to be dead by many, the story serves to demonstrate that countless kidnapping victims could still be alive.

Sara Anne Wood has never been found

Sara Anne Wood has never been found

Please take a moment to remind people around you that there are several unsolved, missing persons cases right here– in the Capital Region.  Much like the young women in Ohio, Suzanne Lyall, Sara Anne Wood, Craig Frear and others have been missing for over a decade.  The case in Ohio gives us hope that there is a possibility– although ever-so-slight– that these people might be found alive.

Please click here for more information on missing persons in the Capital Region.

Note:  This entry was also posted to the Capital Region Newsroom blog.


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