Photo Galleries I Enjoy

Here is a list of online photo galleries I enjoy, with brief descriptions of each.

  1. Porco
    I really enjoy the photo gallery for the Christopher Porco murder trial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I was in several classes with Chris in high school. We lived around the block from each other and I would always see him in the halls. It amazed me that such a polite and charming kid could commit such a heinous crime. Another is sheer, morbid fascination. I’ve learned to accept the fact that I am a little odd for visiting Rotten and Daily Rotten on a regular basis– but hey, we’re a society that is obsessed with things like that. Aside from the “hey, i knew him” factor, I really like the way that the pictures portray a sense of drama; they really evoke a feeling when they are viewed. Many capture very intense moments and can make the viewer feel as though they are present in the court room.
    In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful (or at least, my favorite) picture in the gallery. It shows Porco’s Jeep in the parking lot of the court in Goshen, NY– the only vehicle remaining after the trial drew to a close. It was used in a story the day after the verdict, which I will attempt to locate following the posting of this blog. The article– in conjunction with the picture– was very powerful.

  2. I have always enjoyed the photography of Jacob Riis and love looking for online galleries of his work. I will often Google for hours, searching for examples of his photographs.
    The best online photo collection that I have found is located at the Library of Congress, which contains hundreds of scans of his pictures. Though there is not any one, comprehensive location for a slide show, this page still gives quite a bit of access to his various works.
    Several additional online galleries exist for his work, including the one located at the Harvard Open Collections Program website. There are also many places online where you can find full-scans of his books, including the famous How the Other Half Lives.

  3. Other photo galleries I like mostly consist of those belonging to myself and my friends. Myspace is always the first choice– it’s just so much fun! Anyone can get an account, upload pictures and create their own slide show using very simple tools and minimal (if any) HTML. Everyone has their own little corner of the web to post whatever they want, including pictures involving friends, social events, holidays, concerts, relationships— and even some drunken debauchery. The biggest downfall of this site is the fact that anyone can view it, thus making the prospect of uploading pictures sometimes very unappealing.
    Another great place to upload photos and make galleries is Photobucket. This site also includes an easy uploading tool, perfect for those with little to no knowledge of computers or the internet. It is much easier (and, in many ways, more secure) to make your Photobucket pictures private than Myspace.

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