I guess you never quite get used to living down the block from a potential axe murderer.



The three of them– Matt, Andrew and Mr. Mahony– and myself stood in Beff’s in Delmar, NY. It was a warm spring day in 2006 so we had decided to run over and grab a burger, some fries and a beer or two. It’s always fun drinking with your childhood friends’ parents– don’t let anyone tell you any different.



Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother forty whacks.

When she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one.



As he finished, he must have noticed Matt’s smile.


With his head, Matt gestured at the door.


There stood Christopher Porco. It couldn’t have been written into a script better than that.




I knew Chris in high school, but only vaguely and mostly through friends. He wasn’t really a memorable guy, just sort of hung around with people. He was on the swim team and I think may have ran track for a bit, but he didn’t have one of those names that was immediately recognizable like the well-known “jocks” of the school. Anyone who was a casual acquaintance of Chris’ will use the same words to describe him: “quiet”, “nice”, “a little weird”. I’d let you know what his friends though, but not many are so willing to admit being close to Bethlehem’s Most Wanted. A guy who would not have otherwise attained any sort of notoriety– or really ever been remembered– now even has his very own Wikipedia page.

About Crista Leigh

I used to be "The Rock Goddess" on the local affiliate of a nationally syndicated morning show. I spent my nights hanging out with band members at local concert venues, DJing and MCing various booze-filled events, and wearing outfits that involved more studs and spikes than could be found in every combined circa-1999 Hot Topic. Now, I'm the "Social Media Goddess," helping your business solidify a digital marketing plan to keep up with competitors. Doesn't really have quite the same ring, does it? I’m a lover of many things, but I am passionate about a few. Radio is my first love, and with that, the art of broadcasting. I have a deep appreciation for all music (yes, even polka) and grew up on a steady diet of punk rock and gospel (thanks, Dad). Combining my love of radio and music– and to live it every day– has been a dream-come-true, and I consider myself lucky to continue to work in the industry that gives me so much joy. Blogging, for me, is almost like an extension of radio. It gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts while providing the world with information. Marketing and social media are my new passions in life. I suppose "new" isn't the best way to describe it (since I've been at it for more than a decade) but I have recently enhanced my skills with additional clients and a shiny new master's degree. I suppose that's why I'm here.

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  1. This could have been better with a little thought and organization. For example, your ‘Lizzie Borden’ poem interrupts the first and second paragraphs, so place that as an intro instead.

    Here is more feedback:

    The three of them– Matt, Andrew and Mr. Mahony– and myself stood [use ‘I’ instead of ‘myself’]

    As he finished, he must have noticed Matt’s smile. [who is ‘he’? Andrew? Mr. Mahoney?]

    childhood friends’ parents [are Matt, Andrew and Mr. Mahoney all parents of friends? if so, why only one “Mr.”?]

    There stood Christopher Porco. It couldn’t have been written into a script better than that. [delete the second sentence; it takes away from the impact of the first]

    Help me and the reader orient to the date reference … in spring 2006, what was Porco’s status at that time? Standing trial?



  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Pharmacology.


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