There are a few milestones in my life that have made me geekily excited:

1.  My first Sigmund Freud stress ball (and impending Tickle-Me-Freud purchase).

2.  Realizing that I can (as an adult) purchase pink glitter shoes.

3.  A perfect score on the MENSA practice test (I really want to take the actual exam).

4.  Discovering a cookbook dedicated to pumpkin.

5.  Creating my own website.

You have discovered the latter.

This website is a work-in-progress, but being unemployed (cue the “awww”s) is making it easier.  In the meantime, requests for writing samples (other than those linked on this site) or any other information can be directed to cristaleigh@gmail.com

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”.

Publius Syrus

About Crista Leigh

I used to be "The Rock Goddess" on the local affiliate of a nationally syndicated morning show. I spent my nights hanging out with band members at local concert venues, DJing and MCing various booze-filled events, and wearing outfits that involved more studs and spikes than could be found in every combined circa-1999 Hot Topic. Now, I'm the "Keto Goddess," helping you navigate this way of eating that has changed my life. Doesn't really have quite the same ring, does it? Make sure to subscribe to be notified of new posts.

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