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Wow… it’s been a while!

And I have so many updates to post that.. well.. I don’t have time to post them!

Thanks to Paul Marr for the great article!

To hold you over for the next day or so, check out this article that was written about me from the Albany Business Review.

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There are a few milestones in my life that have made me geekily excited:

1.  My first Sigmund Freud stress ball (and impending Tickle-Me-Freud purchase).

2.  Realizing that I can (as an adult) purchase pink glitter shoes.

3.  A perfect score on the MENSA practice test (I really want to take the actual exam).

4.  Discovering a cookbook dedicated to pumpkin.

5.  Creating my own website.

You have discovered the latter.

This website is a work-in-progress, but being unemployed (cue the “awww”s) is making it easier.  In the meantime, requests for writing samples (other than those linked on this site) or any other information can be directed to

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”.

Publius Syrus

New CHR / Top 40 Demo

You can listen to my new CHR / Top 40 Radio Demo here!

New post for class


Hey everyone!  Check out my new post for my PR Class Blog.


I remember using my Livejournal daily… Now, it seems that I cannot find time to update anything other than Facebook!

For those keeping track, Donny and I got engaged on October 29, 2010. 

2 hours before he proposed.

Wedding planning is insane, but amazing.  We’re planning on an early evening wedding at The State Room in Albany, NY on Sunday, May 27, 2012. 

I promised to attempt to update this more often.  In the meantime, I’m hunting for these shoes (or similar, for less than $500!).

Revolution Hall is No More

This is very disappointing for those of us who love live music. 

After former General Manager Jared Kinglsey vacated his position in January, a new GM was never hired.  Yours truly was interviewed for the position, but was then told that his position would not be filled, with the owners instead opting to use outside promoters to book performances.

Here’s the article from the Times Union website

It looks like Northern Lights is the last remaining mid-sized, general admission venue in the game.  They hold around 1,500 at capacity.  The Washington Avenue Armory also holds quite a number of patrons but is closed during the summer months for concerts due to lack of air conditioning.


3 years later…

This blog was originally created for a class assignment during my undergrad.  Maybe I will actually use it now. 

Hello again, WordPress.  🙂

test test

i enjoy armadillos.

Hello world!

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