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Yes, it’s a sport.

When you hear the word “sport”, what comes to mind? For many, images of football players tackling each other to the ground pop into their head. Some consider basketball, hockey or even swimming to suit their definition. Too often, sports that do not fit into this ideal are overlooked– some aren’t even considered sports!


Meat Head: So, do you like sports?

Me: Yeah, I love sports.

MH: What’s your favorite sport?

Me: Oh, cheerleading, definatly!


Me: What do you mean?

MH: *Belches* Football is a sport. Basketball is a sport. Hell, even figure skating is a sport. A bunch of girls running around in short skirts, waving pon-poms is NOT a sport!

Many others do not even consider these girls to be athletes.

Cheerleading is definatly a sport. Any physical activity where people train hard, practice long hours or injure themselves should be considered in the same category as big, overgrown lunks who run around knocking people over to gain posession of an inflated chunk of pig. Girls (and guys) hit the gym every day– and hard– in order to train their bodies to perform complicated stunts. Think about how much strength it takes to toss people into the air! How about all those back hand-springs and flips? Watch the field during half time and tell me this is not athletic!
Pagentry, in my opinion, should also be considered a sport; If these girls aren’t athletes, I don’t want to know the definition of the word. Girls and women spend months, even years, training for one event. Hair, make-up, poise and personality are huge factors in winning that crown.

So, boys, before you consider scoffing at my idea of a sport, do a little research– then tell me your definition.