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New CHR / Top 40 Demo

You can listen to my new CHR / Top 40 Radio Demo here!

New post for class


Hey everyone!  Check out my new post for my PR Class Blog.


I remember using my Livejournal daily… Now, it seems that I cannot find time to update anything other than Facebook!

For those keeping track, Donny and I got engaged on October 29, 2010. 

2 hours before he proposed.

Wedding planning is insane, but amazing.  We’re planning on an early evening wedding at The State Room in Albany, NY on Sunday, May 27, 2012. 

I promised to attempt to update this more often.  In the meantime, I’m hunting for these shoes (or similar, for less than $500!).

Valentine’s Rumors

Rumors are circulating (and as yet unfounded) that the property on which Valentine’s sits has been sold to the hospital down the road.  The rumors state that the venue and pizza place next door will be demolished to make an additional parking lot for the hospital.

Photo credit: Dan Goodspeed

The owner of Valentine’s does not own the actual building.  Valentine’s (name, business, equipment, etc.) itself has been up for sale for a couple of years.

Revolution Hall is No More

This is very disappointing for those of us who love live music. 

After former General Manager Jared Kinglsey vacated his position in January, a new GM was never hired.  Yours truly was interviewed for the position, but was then told that his position would not be filled, with the owners instead opting to use outside promoters to book performances.

Here’s the article from the Times Union website

It looks like Northern Lights is the last remaining mid-sized, general admission venue in the game.  They hold around 1,500 at capacity.  The Washington Avenue Armory also holds quite a number of patrons but is closed during the summer months for concerts due to lack of air conditioning.


3 years later…

This blog was originally created for a class assignment during my undergrad.  Maybe I will actually use it now. 

Hello again, WordPress.  🙂

I guess you never quite get used to living down the block from a potential axe murderer.



The three of them– Matt, Andrew and Mr. Mahony– and myself stood in Beff’s in Delmar, NY. It was a warm spring day in 2006 so we had decided to run over and grab a burger, some fries and a beer or two. It’s always fun drinking with your childhood friends’ parents– don’t let anyone tell you any different.



Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother forty whacks.

When she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one.



As he finished, he must have noticed Matt’s smile.


With his head, Matt gestured at the door.


There stood Christopher Porco. It couldn’t have been written into a script better than that.




I knew Chris in high school, but only vaguely and mostly through friends. He wasn’t really a memorable guy, just sort of hung around with people. He was on the swim team and I think may have ran track for a bit, but he didn’t have one of those names that was immediately recognizable like the well-known “jocks” of the school. Anyone who was a casual acquaintance of Chris’ will use the same words to describe him: “quiet”, “nice”, “a little weird”. I’d let you know what his friends though, but not many are so willing to admit being close to Bethlehem’s Most Wanted. A guy who would not have otherwise attained any sort of notoriety– or really ever been remembered– now even has his very own Wikipedia page.

Photo Galleries I Enjoy

Here is a list of online photo galleries I enjoy, with brief descriptions of each.

  1. Porco
    I really enjoy the photo gallery for the Christopher Porco murder trial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I was in several classes with Chris in high school. We lived around the block from each other and I would always see him in the halls. It amazed me that such a polite and charming kid could commit such a heinous crime. Another is sheer, morbid fascination. I’ve learned to accept the fact that I am a little odd for visiting Rotten and Daily Rotten on a regular basis– but hey, we’re a society that is obsessed with things like that. Aside from the “hey, i knew him” factor, I really like the way that the pictures portray a sense of drama; they really evoke a feeling when they are viewed. Many capture very intense moments and can make the viewer feel as though they are present in the court room.
    In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful (or at least, my favorite) picture in the gallery. It shows Porco’s Jeep in the parking lot of the court in Goshen, NY– the only vehicle remaining after the trial drew to a close. It was used in a story the day after the verdict, which I will attempt to locate following the posting of this blog. The article– in conjunction with the picture– was very powerful.

  2. I have always enjoyed the photography of Jacob Riis and love looking for online galleries of his work. I will often Google for hours, searching for examples of his photographs.
    The best online photo collection that I have found is located at the Library of Congress, which contains hundreds of scans of his pictures. Though there is not any one, comprehensive location for a slide show, this page still gives quite a bit of access to his various works.
    Several additional online galleries exist for his work, including the one located at the Harvard Open Collections Program website. There are also many places online where you can find full-scans of his books, including the famous How the Other Half Lives.

  3. Other photo galleries I like mostly consist of those belonging to myself and my friends. Myspace is always the first choice– it’s just so much fun! Anyone can get an account, upload pictures and create their own slide show using very simple tools and minimal (if any) HTML. Everyone has their own little corner of the web to post whatever they want, including pictures involving friends, social events, holidays, concerts, relationships— and even some drunken debauchery. The biggest downfall of this site is the fact that anyone can view it, thus making the prospect of uploading pictures sometimes very unappealing.
    Another great place to upload photos and make galleries is Photobucket. This site also includes an easy uploading tool, perfect for those with little to no knowledge of computers or the internet. It is much easier (and, in many ways, more secure) to make your Photobucket pictures private than Myspace.

Why I Dislike Awards Shows, Late Night Television and Other Forms of “Entertainment”.



It seems like, no matter what I do, my radio show is always competing with some form of televised entertainment. For several weeks, I was forced to come up with some new “shtick” to compete various events– every single one, of course, fell on a Sunday evening between 8:00 and 10:00. First, it was the Superbowl. The Grammys were in there a few weeks after, then came the Oscars. I had to come up with new giveaways, bigger & better entertainment, just to attempt to get some sort of audience. A bit annoyed, I decided that, instead of channeling my anger through the microphone (and thus, the airwaves), I would compile a list of reasons why I dislike programs like these.

  • Shows like Jay Leno are like one big advertisement. Sure, you get the opening monologue, some comedic skits and a funny headline once in a while, but seriously…
    • Stars only come on when they have a movie to plug, and that’s all they talk about while they’re on. If they had nothing to advertise, they wouldn’t bother coming on these shows.
    • Same thing with bands. All they are doing is trying to sell CDs. For example, I was closing the bar last night and was watching Last Call with Carson Daly. His special guest was a band called The Silversun Pickups. They played a song, providing a bit of entertainment for the audience– that part, I will not complain about. But it was immediately followed by plug for their CD and other ploys for (over) exposure. The business aspect is easy to understand, but what happened to the days were TV was solely for entertainment purposes, rather than marketing endeavors?
      • Can I go off on a Carson tangent for a moment, please? How does this guy even have his own television show? I mean, I think it’s great that some short, chubby dude with black nail polish and a bad haircut came from New-York-City-Radio-Disc-Jockey all the way to Internationally-Known-Television-Personality—hell, I’d love for a gig like that to fall into my lap. But this guy has no talent in this area.
        • My favorite Carson opinion comes from the Internet Movie Database message boards:
            • Carson Daly is THE worst TV show host ever. He’s not funny, his interview questions are boring… He seems like he’s not even listening but just waiting to ask the next rehearsed question. Why did he get his own show… He’s such a tool! Plus, now that he’s super skinny he just looks like a bug-eyed freak with a huge head.”
    • Awards shows like the Oscars are just about the same thing, in my opinion. It’s basically one huge advertisement– brought to you by film companies, ASCAP, and the like– to get the public to buy tickets to their movies.

      • In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, we complain that “celebrities” like she and Britney Spears should not have the magnitude of exposure that they do. However, what we do not realize is that it is our fault that they are in this limelight: We buy their products, watch their True Hollywood Stories and listen to their recordings. And they aren’t even that good!
  • All anyone wants you to do is buy their product. I won’t lie– I hope that reading this will get you thinking (and listen to my radio show 😉 ). if you take nothing else away from my little blog entry, just remember why Whatever Her Name Is won Best Supporting Actress this year. You’ll probably be able to guess– it isn’t for her talent.

Other Articles That May Interest You:

Why the Oscars Suck and What Can Be Done to Save Them by Howie Green

Yes, it’s a sport.

When you hear the word “sport”, what comes to mind? For many, images of football players tackling each other to the ground pop into their head. Some consider basketball, hockey or even swimming to suit their definition. Too often, sports that do not fit into this ideal are overlooked– some aren’t even considered sports!


Meat Head: So, do you like sports?

Me: Yeah, I love sports.

MH: What’s your favorite sport?

Me: Oh, cheerleading, definatly!


Me: What do you mean?

MH: *Belches* Football is a sport. Basketball is a sport. Hell, even figure skating is a sport. A bunch of girls running around in short skirts, waving pon-poms is NOT a sport!

Many others do not even consider these girls to be athletes.

Cheerleading is definatly a sport. Any physical activity where people train hard, practice long hours or injure themselves should be considered in the same category as big, overgrown lunks who run around knocking people over to gain posession of an inflated chunk of pig. Girls (and guys) hit the gym every day– and hard– in order to train their bodies to perform complicated stunts. Think about how much strength it takes to toss people into the air! How about all those back hand-springs and flips? Watch the field during half time and tell me this is not athletic!
Pagentry, in my opinion, should also be considered a sport; If these girls aren’t athletes, I don’t want to know the definition of the word. Girls and women spend months, even years, training for one event. Hair, make-up, poise and personality are huge factors in winning that crown.

So, boys, before you consider scoffing at my idea of a sport, do a little research– then tell me your definition.