No fat chicks.

This was originally posted to the Capital Region Newsroom blog.

ImageIn an interview earlier this week, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries caused a firestorm in the over-size-10 community by allegedly saying that his clothing brand does not cater to fat people.  And it wasn’t just a subtle “Our brand caters to those who live the lifestyle that is in-tune with our brand”.  

In the article, Jeffries said that he only wants thin and beautiful people to wear Abercrombie clothing, and that he doesn’t want core customers seeing people who are “not as hot as them” wearing the brand.  Channeling our high school nightmares about well-off, preppy kids, he went on to say, “People who wear (Abercrombie & Fitch) should feel like they’re one of the ‘cool kids'”.

While stores like H&M, American Eagle and others carry sizes from 00 to 18 for women, the largest pant size at A&F are a size 10.  

In a nation where the media is credited with becoming more sensitive to our ever-growing overweight and obese population– and where “fat shaming” a la Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson is frowned upon (but done with gusto)– is Jeffries justified in his stance?  Should we stop being so politically correct to the larger among us, or is Jeffries just a jerk?

Or should we be concerned that half-naked youngsters (called “models”) are hanging outside of the overly-perfumed stores, making anyone over the age of 22 feel uncomfortable while walking by the store?  I mean, really.  Put a shirt on.  


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